Sweet Mountain Life

Gardening, Vegetarian Food and Life in the Mountains of Western North Carolina

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Almost 3 years ago, by divine intervention and subconscious willing, we moved to the mountains of Western North Carolina. The quiet of the mountains was quite different from the hustle and bustle we’d moved from, but it was much welcomed. Our hope had been to learn to grow and preserve our own food, learn how to save seeds and, in general, become somewhat self-sustaining.

Michael and I have come a long way in that time. We have grown successful gardens, and had some failures. We’ve learned about saving seeds, canned a lot of stuff and even harvested and dried some of the native herbs, plants and tree leaves for food and medicinal purposes. This past year has been all about pruning and caring for grape vines and fruit trees, pests and soil amendments, and rain.

My personal passion is finding new vegan dishes to prepare and veganizing old favorites. I love seeing friends and family try delicious meals and not “miss the meat”. Better yet, helping those ready to try veganism for lifestyle, health or weight issues and seeing the amazing results can’t be beat. I’ll be posting my favorite finds from my favorite vegan sites, as well as some step-by-step pics of preparation.

We’ll be following work in the garden…the preparation, planting, growing and harvesting. Canning and cooking are so much fun in the summertime, and I love taking pictures of all that color! Speaking of color, spring brings on the color and it just doesn’t stop. We’ll share nature and it’s bounty as it comes to life.

We’re so excited to share all that we’ve learned and all that we’re learning with you and hope that you’ll enjoy our journey as much as we do. We look forward to your input and responses and even some pics of your lovely life.  🙂


Enjoy Life and Live Vegan!
Catherine and Michael