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We’re Baaack!!


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I can’t believe I abandoned this blog earlier this year! After about a month, I was gone. Not to exercise or do great humanitarian work, but for sometimes small and ridiculous reasons. “I’ll do that tomorrow”. Oh yeah. I used that one a lot. “I’m too busy baking” and “I forgot to take the preparation photos” also worked.

The Honey!

The Honey!

10 lbs and one season later, the exercise excuse became a reality. Two months and 13 lbs. down, I still wasn’t writing. Summer passed and so did photo/blog opportunities. The bees did well, with one hive producing 8 gallons of honey its first year! Weeks of canning and pickling, as well as enjoying the fresh fruits and veggies of summer occupied my time.


Dandelion Wine

Dandelion Wine

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine

Fall came with grapes and apples and so many wonderful smells. We found nut trees on the property. Michael made wine from every kind fruit we harvested, and some dandelion wine, too. He also made delicious apple cider and I made vinegar from the peels and cores. We put in a couple of new apple and pear trees and found more blackberry bushes.

Winter has just begun and it’s time to catch up. I do have a backlog of pictures…pics of gardens, sunrises, food, dogs and people to post! I am so grateful for every minute of every day that I get to spend on this mountain. Michael feels the same. Thank you for letting us share it with you.





The Forest

The Forest

Enjoy Life and Live Vegan!
(or whatever makes you happy 😉 )


2 thoughts on “We’re Baaack!!

  1. OMG! I don’t even remember signing up for this blog. Was it Cyndy Cathcart who hooked us up? I started beekeeping last year, and I had a wonderful season as well. My bees did have a few bumps in the road (hive beetles, wax moths, varroa mites) but despite it all they were burgeoning and had plenty of honey when fall came. I didn’t harvest any honey last year, as I wanted them to have the best chance of surviving the winter. If they still have any before the Spring flow, I will harvest then. I love your blog! Are you in Transylvania?

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    • Hi Robin!

      Yes, it was Cyndy who put us together! It has been a while since I’ve the time to post anything here, unfortunately. Busy year!

      Glad to hear your bees made it thru! We learned alot about taking care of those little buzzers this year. We did lose a very weak hive to wax moths. The other teo are thriving. We did leave a super on the hives for winter feeding, as well as putting top feeders on for winter syrup feeding.

      The honey we harvested is the most wonderful honey I’ve ever tasted! I’m slightly prejudice, I know. But, it WAS the favored Christmas present this year!

      We are in Transylvania…Balsam Grove. Thanks for coming back by the blog. Maybe we’ll meet at a bee meeting one day!

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