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My Thoughts on Bee Keeping

ImageThis was posted on FB by a friend this morning and it brought up a subject that Michael and I have discussed at length. As vegans, we try constantly to consider the consequences of our actions. . We are, by far, imperfect, but we try

My response to the post is below, as well. I’m curious as to how others feel, especially since our bee population is so compromised.


Cathy Hamilton I am vegan and am against any kind of animal cruelty. But, I know many beekeepers and I’ve never heard of these practices. The beekeepers I know would never kill their queen, rather protect her as much as possible to keep the hives running properly. They don’t have to clip wings, the other bees keep her there and happy. They certainly don’t artificially inseminate their queens. They always leave, at least, the top box of honey for the bees. My experience is only in watching the excellent care and love that beekeepers give their colonies. They love their bees the way they love their dogs and cats. These beekeepers aren’t large factory honey producers, but local keepers who sell to neighbors and local farmers markets. I can certainly believe that unnatural and unnecessary practices occur in factories and that should never be. As a vegan, I’m torn between the idea of “keeping” bees and the prospect of kindly and consciously protecting and helping to regrow the bee population. Our lives depend on it.


Enjoy Life and Live Vegan!
Catherine and Michael